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Thixotropy is a term that refers to the physical property of certain slimy body fluids that get thinner when agitated or stressed.

This is extremely interesting in terms of therapeutics like massage, yoga or exercise because we can use this principle to help understand how to increase movement/flow in our joints, stomachs, skin and pretty much any body part. Because

Because Thixotropic fluids in the human body include synovial fluid in joints, mucus, semen, and the gelatinous goo called “ground substance” — the stuff that gristly connective tissue fibers are embedded in like bits of coconut in Jello. Ground substance is the most plentiful thixotropic substance in the body.

When we talk about chronic sore shoulders, low back pain that haunts us at the end of a long day, or swollen achy feet there is a lot to think about! If a large percentage of our body becomes harder and more rigid without movement and more soft and supple with movement or agitation think about how this applies.

If we can soften the density or our tissues through massage, exercise and stretching then we have in our power the tools to help ease our pain. I give you a challenge for January: get moving in the places that are stiff and sore. Breathe consciously into your body when you experience resistance or pain and see if you can make headway. This isn’t a one-day fix but with consistency therapeutic movement and massage habits can have a large accumulated pay off.

For tips, a massage or further questions don’t hesitate to reach out!

Best wishes to you in the new year,

Sheree Kerns LMT

Free to Move Miami

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Sheree Kerns

Founder and lead Massage Therapist with Free to Move Miami.

I have a passion for healing with massage therapy and sports therapy massage. I am a Board Certified massage therapist for traditional Swedish and sports massage. Using techniques that vary from reflexology to Thai massage I approach each client as a unique situation with different needs that should be addressed the best way for their body.


Christian Oliveira

Conscious movement specialist and Yoga teacher Christian Oliveira brings a wonderful style of movement and exploration to his classes. Christian focuses on exploring the body with conscious and intelligent ways to heal and strengthen the body. He is available for privates as well as group classes which he teaches around Miami.

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Joaquin Torres

Joaquin is a certified body building and Conditioning coach as well and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown belt under Fight Sports Miami’s legendary program under Roberto Cyborg. He Specializes in form and technique to keep you training without injury or pain.He brings his services to you in the comfort of you own home and at Fight Sports Miami.

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Sebastian Muenda

Certified personal trainer, life coach and licensed Massage Therapist Sebastian bring a lot of knowledge to the table. His work in health and wellness for professional athletes and hobbyists alpine goes back 10 years. He also is a certified nutritionist so if you would like a fully rounded health coach to work with for wholistic growth he is your man!



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Zachary Dean

A massage therapist who aims to facilitates energetic awareness, growth, and develop postural awareness through touch. Zach uses kinesiology and Anatomical identification, coupled with complex psychology and life style to create the majority of focus for Zach’s sessions. He Specializes in Swedish, Energetic, and Thai Massage Therapy.

Our Services

Free to Move massage therapy is servicing the greater Miami area with house calls and in studio sessions. I strive to help my clients live a more full experience of movement. Increased comfortable motion within the body supports pain relief, relaxation, greater recovery and sports performance. 

Sports Massage

$100 – 60min |$150 – 90min | $200 – 120min

Couples massages 

$140 – 60min |$180 – 90min | $250 – 120min

Swedish Massage

$100 – 60min |$150 – 90min | $200 – 120min

Chinese Reflexology

$75 – 60min |$110 – 90min | $150 – 120min

Yacht & Boat Service

$300 day service – Prices may vary, please call to get a quote.

Breath work & Meditation

$25 – 30min | $50 – 60min

Restorative Yoga

$80 – 60min | $120 – 90min

Self defense & Martial arts

$60 – 60min Private | Group Classes & Seminars – Please call for price quote